Holyvity: inclusive, justice-seeking and God-encountering faith

Holyvity puts at its heart holy living. That is, living in God’s presence, aligned with God’s will and purposes – living lives that repent the ways of the world and accept God’s Spirit as the guiding inspiration to the Christian life.

Holy living is not an individual attempt to earn God’s approval; it is a Spirit-filled state of being – an acceptance of the call to follow Christ, joining with other disciples as part of God’s reign, and opening ourselves to the work of God within, as we are transformed by love, for love.

Holy living is social holiness: it is belonging to the people of God and challenging the ways of the world; it is standing alongside those who are exploited, oppressed or considered least; and ultimately, it is being part of God’s reign, responding to God’s call, and applying the justice that Scripture demonstrates is at the heart of God’s love for all humanity.

Holyvity is a place for inclusive faith and worship resources, intertwining justice and spirituality. Theologically deep, we take Scripture seriously, recognising the Bible as a collection of God-inspired writings with original contexts: the contexts of the events being told and the contexts of the authors and editors recording them. Then built on this are the numerous voices of people interpreting and grappling with Scripture throughout history and across the world.

These numerous layers and lenses of faith-people telling their stories, both in Scripture and throughout history, give us a rich resource that inspires our own faith. Scripture invites us into a conversation and encourages us to question, to seek, to challenge and to discover God. With each other and through the Holy Spirit, we find continual renewal and guidance, drawing upon experience, rich traditions and the gift of our ability to reason, think and reflect.

This website has been founded by Gary Hopkins and writings without reference to an author have been written by him.

Using materials from this website

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It is hoped that Holyvity will not only link to good work in other places on the internet, but will also provide a place for writers, creators, artists, musicians etc. to share their work. If you would like to share your work through Holyvity, please get in touch using the contact form.