Communion Liturgy (LGBTQ+ Affirming)


A liturgy for Holy Communion written to affirm and celebrate the diversity of God's people, suitable for all people, but written with LGBTQ+ people particularly in mind.

Leadership: feelings matter


Over the many years of working in and belonging to different organisations, I didn’t realise how invaluable poor leaders would be in helping shape my understanding of good and effective leadership. Analysing their actions and the impact they have on organisational culture really gives you a sense of how central leadership is to either helping individuals flourish and therefore making the...

I read the bible today


I read the bible today…
it agreed with me.
I even highlighted it,
yellow, a chink of light on the page.

Holy Breath of God


Holy Breath of God,
I feel air around me,
brushing against my skin,
and I acknowledge your presence.

Prayer for new leadership


God of justice -
minded to those considered least -
we lament the state of our country
and the poor decisions that have led us to where we are.

A Place to Belong


A guided meditation based on Luke 24:13-35

I invite you to ponder the journey to Emmaus.
Two lovers of God wondering if all their hopes were lost.
They believed Jesus would put everything right and transform their world...

Prayers (2nd Sunday after Pentecost)


Loving God,
the rock of our salvation,
our strength when we are weak,
we join in worship to praise your holy name.
We sing of your greatness
and our souls bless your name.

Prayers (4th Sunday of Easter)


Good Shepherd,
We come before you to pray for the needs of the world.
Fill us with your Spirit
so we may be united with sisters and brothers throughout the world,
seeking your will for all people.