Prayers (2nd Sunday after Pentecost)


Loving God,
the rock of our salvation,
our strength when we are weak,
we join in worship to praise your holy name.
We sing of your greatness
and our souls bless your name.

Prayers (4th Sunday of Easter)


Good Shepherd,
We come before you to pray for the needs of the world.
Fill us with your Spirit
so we may be united with sisters and brothers throughout the world,
seeking your will for all people.

Day of Reflection Prayer


A prayer for the end of the Day of Reflection for Covid

As the last candle flickers and fades,
as illumined doorsteps fade into the night,
as tears are wiped from our cheeks,
we do not forget those we love.

Prayers (5th Sunday in Lent)


Loving God,
We meet with you, separated by distance,
but united in your Spirit,
be present with each of us as we seek to worship you.

Prayers (8th Sunday after Pentecost)


Creator God,
You are the eternal source of all that is, all that was and all that will be.
You make the smallest of seeds become the greatest of trees.
You have made a world full of potential to thrive,
vast rainforests, oceans, woodlands, fields...

Prayer (The Trinity)


O Trinity of Love,
Maker, Word and Spirit,
before us, with us and behind us,
above us, in us and around us,

Prayers (7th Sunday after Pentecost)


Patient God,
You are slow to anger and quick to bless,
you wait patiently for us to respond to your love,
even through times where we get it wrong and make mistakes...

Prayers (6th Sunday after Pentecost)


God of all creation,
who declared that all you had made was good,
who crafted a world intended for harmony and wholeness,
who made us physical and spiritual beings,
we praise you for the wonder of your creation...

Prayer (5th Sunday after Pentecost)


God of the easy yoke,
We thank you that in calling us you offer life without a heavy burden,
we thank you for the gift of wisdom given to us in our openness to you.