Gary Hopkins

Hello, I’m the founder of Holyvity, and have a passion for helping people encounter God and deepen their faith. I started my faith journey over twenty years ago when I discovered the teachings of Jesus through my Gideon’s New Testament. I found a Methodist church and after having my heart ‘strangely warmed’ responded to God’s call to serve others through music and preaching.

I graduated from Birmingham University with a BA in Theology and became an accredited Local Preacher in 2009. I worked in education for fifteen years, including ten years as a senior leader, where I was deputy headteacher of a primary school and assistant headteacher of a secondary school. During this time, I also completed an MEd in Leadership and Management. I continue to take an active role in education as vice-chair of a school governing body.

I’m passionate about the church being inclusive and justice-seeking and was national coordinator of Outcome, which for many years was the LGBTQ+ organisation in Methodism. I’ve also penned a few hymns, including Thanks for friends who keep on loving (Singing the Faith, 619).

I’m part of the family at Inclusive Gathering Birmingham and currently work for the Methodist Church* where I support lay ministries and chaplaincy.

I’m currently enrolled on the DTh at Roehampton University, exploring Wesleyan spirituality and the model of small accountability groups, and how that might help shape a queer spirituality of ‘watching over one another in love’ and the discovery of queer joy.

I founded Holyvity with a vision to help people discover the love of God and a deeper spirituality, providing resources for an inclusive and justice-seeking faith, and a platform for people to share with others what they’re noticing about God at work in the world.

*this website is independent to the Methodist Church and does not represent its views