As I stumble through my life, God (Hymn)


As I stumble through my life, God,
there are times when I despair,
long to know your presence near me,
find an answer to my prayer.
Still, I speak and hope you hear me,
hear the words I try to say,
wondering if you care about me
and what happens day to day?

Round each corner of my life, God,
I can question where you are,
think you’re missing, never listening,
only watching from afar.
As I gaze into the darkness,
pondering what my life’s about,
I remember all we’ve been through
and I wonder why I doubt.

Then I know you’ve never left me,
always been there from the start,
and I’m sorry for my doubts, God,
we will never be apart.
Help me lean on all you’ve promised,
know that on you I depend:
as you’ve kept me, so you’ll keep me
from this day until the end.

© Gary Hopkins 2012

Metre: 87 87D
Suggested tune: Nettleton