As Jesus walked to die (Hymn)


As Jesus walked to die,
he knew his time had come.
He sensed the pain, he saw
his hour was drawing near.
He could have stopped
and turned away,
without having
to taste such death.

But he then knew for sure,
there was no other way.
He had to give his life
for all who face judgement.
And on he went
for me and you,
that we might live
and never die.

As soldiers led him to
the place where he would die,
his eyes looked on the last
landscape, just moments left.
And there he stood,
naked and cold,
a cut and bruised
back from their whip.

They forced him on a cross,
nails drove into his wrists.
Lifted up high, struggling
to breathe, unbearable pain!
A crown of thorns
piercing his head,
a tear rolling
upon his cheek.

There did his body hang,
as though he was a thief.
His flesh torn out, his blood
dripping, the agony!
His greatest crime
is that he loves,
the world with all
his broken heart.

With his last few short breaths,
his heart could take no more,
he cried ‘My God, O why
have you forsaken me?’
He then collapsed,
the earth did quake,
and darkness fell
on all the land.

Jesus, you gave your life,
there is no greater love.
Help me to understand
and mourn your death for me.
You are my all,
my greatest friend,
and I am yours

© Gary Hopkins 2004

Metre: 66 66 44 44
Suggested tune: Love unknown