Come, all who seek for love and its renewing (Hymn)


Come, all who seek for love and its renewing,
gather in peace and look to God above;
unfold hard hearts and let Christ’s swift enduing
renew, restore and fill each heart with love.

Love is the key to unlock heaven’s beauty,
with every turn God’s power can make a way;
strength found in love that’s true and not cold duty:
love’s climax opens God’s eternal day.

When guilt destroys the hope, and joy is far gone,
love’s promise stays and echoes once again:
nothing can part us from God’s love and pardon,
the end in Christ is in God’s heavenly reign.

Then at the end, with Christ, there’ll be love’s treasure,
sealed with the kiss of Spirit, Maker, Word,
flung open wide with joy beyond all measure,
consumed in love and harmony restored.

© Gary Hopkins 2010

Metre: 11 10 11 10
Suggested tune: Highwood