Eternal source of humankind (Hymn)


Eternal source of humankind
be near us in life’s stress:
relieve the strain of troubled mind,
dispel our worries, let us find
your comfort and closeness.

When daily pressures take their toll
in endless busyness,
as social systems claim control
and drown the murmurs of our soul,
enfold us in stillness.

Come, Holy Spirit, help us heed
the presence of your dove:
subdue the noise of selfish greed,
of wealth creation and false need
with whispers of your love.

O guide us through life’s complex maze
with gentleness and peace:
to soothe the rush of hectic days,
come calming Spirit, clear the haze
and let us find release.

© Gary Hopkins 2013

Metre: 86 886 (6)
Suggested tune: Repton