God formed the mountaintops (Hymn)


God formed the mountaintops
and gave to each their height,
and shaped the starry skies
that twinkle through the night.

So let our voices join in praise,
for God is good, our hearts we raise!

As age-to-age has passed,
the Spirit’s made the call
and lives have been transformed
like Samuel, Ruth and Paul.

God came to earth and shared
in human life and death:
Its joy, its hurt, its pain
and loved with every breath.

With justice, love and peace,
the hands of God embrace
the world and yearn to bring
release in every place.

This same creating God,
who circles us with love,
is here amongst us now,
present, and yet above!

© Gary Hopkins 2007

Metre:  66 66 88
Suggested tune: Millennium