God, our anger at injustice (Hymn)


God, our anger at injustice
swells from deep within our core:
anger at decision makers
for oppression we deplore;
anger at the ones who lead us
for indifference to the poor;
anger at the lies, deception,
selfishness that we abhor.

Systems made to serve the privileged,
tightly gripped by those with power –
stripping others of life chances –
edicts from an ivory tower.
God our anger fires within us:
bring your justice, liberate;
come and shatter worldly systems;
take the least and make them great!

Channel grief and anger in us;
let us be your voice and hands.
Spirit, guide our justice-seeking,
take us where your love demands.
Christ destroys the powers and forces,
chains of bondage, unjust strife,
not by might and raging violence
but a sacrificial life.

How long, Maker, Word and Spirit,
till such evils are reversed?
How long till your reign is finished
and the last become the first?
Hear us God, we pray for justice,
hear our cries for those oppressed,
hear our voices, never silenced,
till the least are truly blessed.

© Gary Hopkins 2020

Metre: 87 87 D
Suggested Tune: Nettleton

An arrangement by Topher Noyes, Justice Network