In this family, here together (Hymn)


In this family, here together,
with the Godhead, One but Three,
may our friendship, warmth and loving
radiate for all to see.
Hearts that care and hold each other
in the Spirit, Father, Son.
Sisters, brothers, here united:
love embraces everyone.

Busy though in all our workings,
may we never fail to hear
cries of people needing friendship
and the wiping of a tear.
Guide us Spirit in our mission,
reaching outward, sharing grace:
hope to give the world around us,
touching lives with God’s embrace.

Though we offer rousing worship,
prayers of beauty, awesome song,
rendered useless is this offering
in ignoring those who long.
Feel God’s heartache, anguish, torment,
for the suffering, lonely, hurt,
then remember Christ’s compassion:
give to others, Jesus taught!

We the body of God’s people,
not yet finished, journeying,
need to love and serve our neighbour:
all the Church, Christ echoing.
Help us God to build your kingdom,
not our way, but from above,
looking upward, ever striving
till it’s done – one Church of love!

© Gary Hopkins 2005

Metre: 87 87 D
Suggested tune: Bethany