The Light of Christ now guides the way to go (Hymn)


The Light of Christ now guides the way to go,
shines through our hearts, so all the world can know:
God loves and cares for all humanity
and yet we hide that light too easily!

This dwindling light must into action leap,
the Church must rise where it is deep asleep;
Christ calls us on to share the grace love’s given
and distribute the blessings of God’s heaven.

Not for a few did to the cross Christ go,
but for all people, God’s vast love to show;
then let us stand and shout that it is done,
all may now come and know life through the Son.

Outward we’re called, now stop the search within;
self-centredness has been the Church’s sin!
There is a world that cries in agony,
wake up, O Christians, look around and see.

Spirit renew our lives in serving all,
let every church hear God’s embracing call:
go through the world and preach the risen Son,
show those who long, what God, for all, has done!

© Gary Hopkins 2006

Metre: 10 10 10 10
Suggested tune: Woodlands