What did you feel, what did you say (Hymn)


What did you feel, what did you say
when on the mount you prayed,
O child of God, so innocent,
abandoned and dismayed?

Your tears of pain, your cries of hurt,
crouched down in fervent prayer:
Did you desire to turn away?
Was it too much to bear?

Your flesh grew weak. Your love grew strong.
Each whisper drenched in fear.
The darkened sky heard every word.
Your hour was looming near.

How did you know, what made you see
there was no other way?
The love of God was seeking out
the dawn of a new day.

You bowed your head, you cried ‘your will’,
your mind was now made up:
How can it be your love for us
should mean this bitter cup?

© Gary Hopkins 2010

Metre: 86 86 (Common Metre)