When troubles are around us (Hymn)


When troubles are around us
and all we see is pain,
may love surround the hurting ones
and healing come again.
God’s care and love is stronger
than all the world’s distress,
so for the love that reaches out
we’ll praise God through darkness.

There’s hope that tries to linger
amidst this darkened world
and echo God’s eternal love
where helpless ones are held.
But when we see such anguish,
of torment and despair,
we find it hard to mean the words,
’We’ll praise God,’ in our prayer.

When suffering is questioned
no quick reply appears
and Jesus didn’t give answers
but shared life’s hurt and tears;
this love that keeps us going
in Christ will never end,
so for the hand that tries to help
we’ll praise God as our friend.

Give praise to God who holds us
and knows our every tear,
whose Spirit walks the path with us
to love and keep us near.
We cannot see the future
or know just what’s in store,
but for the closeness through heartache
we’ll praise God evermore.

In heaven we shall gather
and there’ll be no more pain;
for God will heal and tend the wounds
and peace with joy shall reign.
When all the harm of past years
has faded at that place,
in harmony and one accord
we’ll praise God face to face.

© Gary Hopkins 2011

Metre: 76 86 76 86

Suggested Tune: Bolton (by Michael Higgins in ‘Cantate Domino’, published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd)