Poem: O come all ye weary


A light-hearted look at Christmas (think of O come all ye faithful)

O come all ye weary,
Worn out and frustrated,
So shattered from queues, crowds and shopping bags;
We must be barmy, each year it gets earlier:

O come, let us remember,
O come, let us remember,
O come, let us remember,
It’s one day!

Gift after present,
They must all be perfect,
Curse after curse when they’re all sold out;
We can’t afford it but we’ve got the plastic:

See how the shoppers,
Patience getting weaker,
Fight through the season with increased skill;
Tackles for turkeys, shoulder barge for cheap booze:

Lo, light-led children,
TV ads adoring,
Every new toy is put on the list;
Parents competing, theirs must have the best gifts:

Shout, crowds of people,
Shout in exasperation,
Shout, all ye struggling to understand;
There must be more to Christmas than the chaos:

Yea, shops, it’s over,
Savings have been emptied,
Surely it’s time for peace and quiet!
Oh no, not yet! Sales are just beginning!

O please, let us remember,
O yes, let us remember,
O God, let us remember,
Christ the Lord!

 © Gary Hopkins 2008