Poem: The Tomb


Poem for Easter Day

The tomb.  Open.  Empty.  Still.
The rush of heart.  Beating.  Pained.
Where is he?  Where is my Lord?
This isn’t how it was supposed to be.
Death lingers.  Silence deafens.
What now?  No Jesus.  No hope.

The sun creeps.  Shining.  Glowing.
Light beams.  Blinding.  Warming.
The tomb emblazed.  Jesus gone.
A bird calls.  Silence breaks.
A tender song.  Stillness pierced.
The world awakes.  No Jesus.  No point.

A voice startles.  “Why sorrow?”
That voice.  Can it be?  Is it?
A tear falls.  Love envelops.  It’s him.  It’s my Lord.
Joy rises.  Hope returns.  Life begins.
The possibilities.  The future.
A fresh start.  Another chance.  A new way.

© Gary Hopkins 2010