Mental Health Awareness Week: Friday


Kindness Quotes and Prayers
Quotes from Martin Scorsese, Alexander the Great, Mother Teresa and Frederick William Faber.

God of kindness,
In a world of competitiveness and survival,
grant us the compassion to see others
with the eyes of Jesus.

God of kindness,
Melt our earthly divisions with your love,
drive out darkness with the light of Christ,
and fill our hearts with love and kindness.

God of kindness,
As we seek your reign,
give us wisdom to understand,
show us how to make peace,
and strengthen us to reach out in kindness.

God of kindness,
When we narrow our love for other people,
remind us of the vastness of your love
and the kindness in your justice,
so through our care for others
we may find our liberty in you.