Mental Health Awareness Week: Thursday


Kindness Quotes and Prayers
Quotes from Billy Graham, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Micah 6:8, Frederick Buechner and Audrey Hepburn.

God of kindness,
We thank you
for those who have cared for us,
shaped who we are,
and taught us the qualities
that reflect your goodness.

God of kindness,
Where people misuse power
to demonstrate their toughness,
transform them
so they may follow Jesus’ example,
finding power in the service of others.

God of kindness,
Teach us to do justice,
teach us to love kindness,
and teach us to walk humbly with you.

God of kindness,
You call us to be your holy people,
set apart from the ways of the world.
Teach us to follow your commandment,
to love God and others,
so we may turn darkness into light
and live as your holy people.

God of kindness,
Teach us to see the good
in ourselves and others,
teach us to be kind to ourselves
and speak kindly to others,
teach us to walk with the knowledge
that you are always with us.