Mental Health Awareness Week: Tuesday


Kindness Quotes and Prayers
Quotes from George MacDonald, Dalai Lama, Whoopi Goldberg and Aesop.

God of kindness,
Give me the humility
to accept the kindness of others,
and the courage
to reflect that kindness into the world.

God of kindness,
Help us reflect the compassion
that Jesus showed,
using our bodies as temples of your Holy Spirit,
so we may offer worship
through our acts of kindness.

God of kindness,
In a world where people are easily divided,
help our kindness spread like wildfire,
so all may see the glow of your light
in our lives.

God of kindness,
When the world has its own definition
of success,
grant us your wisdom
to see acts of kindness and love
as reflections of your reign.