Mental Health Awareness Week: Wednesday


Kindness Quotes and Prayers
Quotes from Confucius, Albert Schweitzer, Stevie Wonder and Fanny Crosby.

God of kindness,
Give us the strength and wisdom
to follow the example of Jesus,
so we may reach out in generosity and kindness
to those most in need.

God of kindness,
Where there is division,
where there is hatred,
where there is misunderstanding,
let kindness melt hostility
and love be found.

God of kindness,
Thank you for the people
who have shown kindness in our lives,
let their examples inspire us,
so we may pass on their kindness to others.

God of kindness,
Where words could be used as weapons
to harm another’s self-esteem,
grant us wisdom to speak with kindness,
so we may build each other up.