Prayer (2nd Sunday of Easter)


Risen Christ,
Graciously and patiently, you revealed your glory to the first disciples,
meeting them where they were at,
showing them in the ways they needed to see to understand.

Loving Christ,
Meet us where we’re at,
reveal to us your glory
and strengthen our faith,
so we may believe and declare ‘My Lord and my God!’

Help us at this difficult time to see your light in the darkness,
to recognise you in our journey
and to know you tenderly hold the world in your hands.

We thank you for the acts of love around us,
the love felt from others in telephone calls and messages,
the people who care for us and our loved ones,
the workers who continue to ensure we each have what we need,
the experts who use their knowledge to heal and cure.
We hold them before you.

We pray for all who suffer,
those who are afraid and anxious,
those who are lonely and isolated,
those who are unemployed and struggle financially,
those who are in pain or are ill.
Bring your resurrection love and blessing to each of them.

Transforming Christ,
hold us in your arms and keep us safe,
grant us your peace
and bless us, we pray.