Prayer (3rd Sunday after Pentecost)


God who calls us to take up our cross,
show us how to put the needs of our whole community
before our own individual needs:
how to take up our cross and live for others,
how to preach good news in word and action,
how to liberate the oppressed and give life to the poor.

We pray for those whose lives are not able to be lived to the fullest.
We pray for those who face each day not knowing how they will survive.
We pray for those who dread each day as another day of pain and hardship.
We pray for those who seek love, but do not find it.
We pray for those who long to be set free and given new life.

God of compassion,
bring your love, wisdom and care to all in our world,
touch those who need your blessing,
and grant us the grace and strength to be your people in our world.
Through Jesus and inspired by the Holy Spirit, we pray.