Prayer (3rd Sunday of Easter)


Loving God,
you hold the world in your hands,
longing to redeem every creature into your new creation.
You move in our hearts, bringing us close,
you travel with us as we journey through life,
you dwell in us, guiding us and perfecting us in love.

We hold onto your promises,
from Abraham glancing at the stars,
Moses guiding your people to freedom,
the prophets speaking your wisdom and truth,
Jesus living the perfect life to redeem your world,
and the Holy Spirit dwelling in our hearts.
Each promise fulfilled to reveal your love to the world.

Yet even though your promises echo true,
we find ourselves doubting as we face the struggles of everyday life,
forgive us when we forget.
Our weakness is never a barrier to your love.
We give thanks that we are always graciously forgiven.
Thanks be to God.