Prayer (4th Sunday after Pentecost)


Loving God,
Help us recognise you in those who are most in need.
Help us reach out with your arms of love to welcome others into your family.
Help us to stand alongside those who face injustice.

God of justice,
We pray that the voices of prophets will be heard in your church,
that we will discern the guidance of your Spirit,
and make decisions that give life to others.

We pray for all those who are in need at this time:
for those who are unwell,
for those who are anxious,
for those who face an unknown future,
for those who feel isolated and alone,
for those who are missing loved ones,
for those who have lost loved ones,
for those who are treated unfairly.

Loving God, let us hear your voice,
send us into the world,
and let us proclaim the good news of your liberation.