Prayer (4th Sunday of Easter)


Eternal God,
Guide of the past, present and future,
to you, today is like the blink of an eye
and yet you hold it in the palm of your hand,
full of care and love for all that happens.

Eternal God,
Source of the most distant star and closest flower,
each creature is like a speck in our vast universe
and yet you hold each in the palm of your hand,
full of care and love for all you have made.

God of all time and all space,
unite us through the ages and through each place by your Spirit.
Though we might be alone, or few in number,
we are part of the eternal communion of saints.
Help us worship and pray with all the voices across heaven and earth
and throughout time so we may bring you glory.

God who holds everything together,
we are so aware of our own inadequacy
compared to your greatness demonstrated throughout the world,
and yet you reach out in love,
know us intimately
and love us beyond measure.
We confess the mistakes we have made and ask for your forgiveness.
Without hesitation, you draw us near and touch us with your love.
Thanks be to God.