Prayer (5th Sunday after Pentecost)


God of the easy yoke,
We thank you that in calling us you offer life without a heavy burden,
we thank you for the gift of wisdom given to us in our openness to you.

God of wisdom,
Help us to understand your truths and your ways,
grant us your light so we may see clearly and comprehend.

God of liberation,
We pray for those who struggle with heavy burdens,
for those who long to be accepted for who they are,
for those who have expectations placed on them that oppress and limit.

God of our mission,
Guide us so we may take your good news to others,
use us to help others find new life,
where your liberation and healing is known.

We pray that the church will hear your voice and be your hands,
reaching out to those in most need,
standing with those in society who are marginalised.
Help us to be your church for the sake of the world. Amen.