Prayer (5th Sunday of Easter)


God of glory,
We glimpse your creative beauty in the world you have made:
bright-coloured blossom hanging on trees,
images we see of crawling and creeping creatures in rainforests,
discoveries in the depths of vast oceans.

We experience reflections of your love in people around us:
the care of family and friends,
the stranger who steps out of their way in an act of kindness,
neighbours who offer to help us in our need.

We dimly grasp how you suffer with this world:
how you lived as a human among us,
sharing in life’s emotions, its ups and downs,
laying your life down so we may live.

We anticipate the fullness of your promises:
the full glory of your resurrection light in the world,
the return of Christ to fully redeem all of creation,
the new heaven and earth formed by your love.

God of forgiveness,
forgive us when we damage the world you have made,
forgive us when we don’t reflect your love to others,
forgive us when we add to the world’s suffering through our actions,
forgive us when we forget all you have promised and live without hope.
We thank you that we are forgiven, redeemed and transformed.