Prayer (6th Sunday of Easter)


Eternal Source,
Generous Redeemer,
Guiding Advocate,
God of all we have been, all we are and all we will be,
accept our offerings of praise and adoration,
receive all we give in how we live our lives
and use them for your glory.

Hear our voices among the many that call out to you today,
those in their homes, quietly praying,
those in their gardens, humming hymns of praise,
those walking through woodlands, marvelling at your creation,
unite us by your Spirit that with heaven and all the earth we may praise you.

In our feelings of loneliness, anxiety, loss,
hear the murmurs of our souls,
the cries of deep within,
longing to be united to you.

God of all life,
you are present, even when our feelings indicate otherwise,
you are near, even when we feel separated and alone,
you are carrying us, even when we think we need to walk alone.

In our human frailty,
forgive our hardness towards ourselves,
forgive our hardness towards each other,
forgive our hardness towards you.
God, in the moment we seek you,
your forgiveness touches us and speaks the words, ‘All is well.’
Thanks be to God.