Prayer (7th Sunday of Easter)


O God, who burns within our hearts,
we celebrate your presence within.

We think of all the people, throughout the ages,
who have had their hearts ‘strangely warmed’
and celebrate the promise of salvation found in Christ.

Come to our hearts today and fill us anew,
that we may know you are near
and be assured of all that you have done for us.

O God, even though you are the source of the whole universe,
we marvel at how you draw intimately near to us,
dwelling in our hearts.

Forgive us when our hardness resists your grace.
Forgive us when our meanness resists the love of others.
Forgive us when we close our heart and mind to the nudging of your Spirit.
With immense compassion, you forgive us and name us yours.
Thanks be to God.