Prayer (Day of Pentecost)


Come Holy Spirit, come!
Come into our hearts and fill is with God’s love.
Come into our church and guide us in God’s ministry.
Come into our world and transform people’s hearts with God’s love.
Come Holy Spirit, come!

Holy Spirit, guide us in our prayers, so we may discern the will of God.
We pray for those at this time who are struggling or suffering.
We pray for those who care, heal and support others.
We pray for those who lead that they may lead with integrity.
We pray for the church that your Holy Spirit may guide our work.
We pray for places that are divided, broken or neglected.
We pray for our world, that we may care for its environment.
We pray for loved ones, friends and family.
We pray for ourselves that we may know your love in our lives.

To our loving God as Holy Parent, Holy Christ and Holy Spirit, we pray.