Prayer for new leadership


God of justice –
minded to those considered least –
we lament the state of our country
and the poor decisions that have led us to where we are.

We deplore the direction that means so many people go without,
where families are unable to afford food or essentials for living,
and recognise the terrible state we are in as the rich get richer
and the rest get poorer through shameful disadvantage and neglect.

As the country awaits new leadership,
we pray that your powerful wisdom
will ricochet through those with earthly power
so that the world of our politics may be transformed
and earthly self-centred struggles for power may be shattered.

We long for change and we commit ourselves to a better future,
recognising when we have been complicit or silent.
Give us strength to stand with those who are marginalised
and fill us with your Spirit of justice and liberation
so we may be change-makers for those you love and cherish.

In hope and belief, we pray. Amen.

Gary Hopkins