Prayers (2nd Sunday after Pentecost)


Prayer of Adoration

Loving God,
the rock of our salvation,
our strength when we are weak,
we join in worship to praise your holy name.
We sing of your greatness
and our souls bless your name.

Throughout the ages you have redeemed your people,
saved them from their troubles:
through Moses you liberated an enslaved people,
from exile you brought your people home,
and in Jesus you offer salvation to all.

How great you are!
No one is outside your love!
No one is beyond your salvation!
Your Spirit is gifted to all who respond to your love.
Praise your holy name!

Prayer of Confession

Yet despite your free gift,
we are quick to see others as beyond your help,
as unworthy of your love,
as unable to receive life in all its fulness.

Where we narrow your love, forgive us.
When we exclude others, forgive us.
When we think we have earned your gift, forgive us.

We hear your words, “You are forgiven.”
Thanks be to God.