Prayers (3rd Sunday of Advent)


Prayer of Adoration

Present God,
We wait in expectation,
recognising your presence within us.
and around us even when we don’t see it.

Be with us as your people,
in our worship,
separate but joined by your Spirit.

As we focus on you,
help us to see glimmers of your hope, joy, love and peace,
even when we feel darkness closes in.

You, our God, are worthy of all our praise,
you, our God are worthy of all our love,
you, our God, are worthy of our lives,
not because you require it,
but because you first loved us.

We praise you that whenever your people have found themselves in despair,
you have made yourself known,
transforming lives and redeeming all.
Be with us all as we wait for your coming.

Prayer of Confession

Forgive us for the times we forget,
when we lose hope, joy, love and peace.
Forgive us when we live by our human anxieties
rather than by your Spirit.
Forgive us when we narrow your greatness,
by setting our own limitations.

We thank you that each of us is forgiven and loved,
not by our human actions,
but because of your immense grace.
Thanks be to God!

Alternative Prayer of Adoration and Confession

Loving God,
How can we respond to such immense love found in the Word made flesh?
How can we praise such self-giving love found in your Son, Jesus Christ?
How can speak of your gracious love, which none of us deserve?
Help us to respond, praise and speak of your wondrous love.

When we respond too slowly, when we praise too narrowly, when we speak too quietly, forgive us.
Know God’s gracious words of forgiveness:
‘You are forgiven.’

Prayer of Thanksgiving

God of Love,
We thank you for the wondrous gift of love:
the gift of the Holy Christ-Child;
the gift of God in our broken world;
the gift of the Word become flesh.

We thank you that while the darkness may seem all-encompassing,
your light glimmers and shines in love for this world.

Prayer of Intercession

God of Love,
We pray for a world that seems so dark:
a world that suffers with illness and death;
a world where the place you were born affects so much about the life you are able to live;
a world where so many countries put themselves first at the expense of others.
God, shine your light into the darkness.

We pray for people who suffer in darkness:
people who are alone and without family;
people who have lost loved ones and mourn;
people who are ill and have lost hope.
God, shine your light into the darkness.

Loving God, hear our prayers.