Prayers (4th Sunday of Easter)


Good Shepherd,
We come before you to pray for the needs of the world.
Fill us with your Spirit
so we may be united with sisters and brothers throughout the world,
seeking your will for all people.

Good Shepherd,
We pray for those in need of healing:
whether physical, mental or spiritual,
those in pain,
those suffering,
those who face harm.
Grant them your healing and salvation.

Good Shepherd,
We pray for those struggling with life:
those who feel isolated,
those who are bereaved,
those who face the injustices of poverty,
those who are oppressed because of prejudice.
Grant them your peace and liberation.

Good Shepherd,
We pray for places where hatred divides people:
where misunderstanding causes division,
where difference causes distrust,
where ‘the other’ becomes less important.
Grant them your wisdom to see in new ways.

Good Shepherd,
We pray for those who reach out to help others:
those who nurse, heal and protect,
those who research and design,
those who teach, guide and minister,
those who give, hold and love.
Grant them your strength and guidance.

Good Shepherd,
We pray for ourselves:
May you hear our individual needs,
the needs of our community,
and the needs of each other.
And may you nudge us to give of ourselves
so that others may see your love.
Grant us your encouragement, challenge and love.
In the name of the Good Shepherd, we pray.