Prayers (6th Sunday after Pentecost)


Prayer of adoration

God of all creation,
who declared that all you had made was good,
who crafted a world intended for harmony and wholeness,
who made us physical and spiritual beings,
we praise you for the wonder of your creation,
we commit to the healing of all that is broken,
we celebrate the promise of your new creation and its fulness to come.

Prayer of confession

Gracious God,
There are times when we refuse to listen to your word,
or put our own understanding above your wisdom.
Forgive us when we do not seek to understand,
or allow your word to sink deeply into out hearts
and transform our thinking.
In gratefulness, we receive your forgiveness.

Prayer of thanksgiving

God of all life,
We give thanks that you value the contribution of all people in your reign.
We give thanks for those who serve others:
those who serve drinks with a smile and friendly conversation,
those who listen to others attentively and offer support and help,
those who take time out of their own days to give to others.
We give thanks for people who reflect your reign in the world.

Prayer of intercession

God of all people,
We pray for those who feel undervalued by their contribution.
We pray for those who feel as though they are least in the reign of God.
We pray for those who struggle to live by the Spirit.
Help us to understand your word and how we might respond
to be the people of God for the sake of the world.