Prayers (7th Sunday after Pentecost)


Prayer of adoration

Patient God,
You are slow to anger and quick to bless,
you wait patiently for us to respond to your love,
even through times where we get it wrong and make mistakes.

You love us beyond measure,
and give life to us as Creator and Holy Parent, as Saviour in Christ
and as Sustainer through the Holy Spirit,
not through anything we do, but through your immeasurable grace.

Prayer of confession

Gracious God,
Forgive us when we are slow to respond to your love and grace,
forgive us when we think we can earn our way into your presence,
forgive us when we think our merits are the reason for your love,
as though you are a machine that responds to our demands.

Take our confession and remind us of are worthiness because of Christ.
Thanks be to God that we are forgiven.

Prayer of thanksgiving

Generous God,
We give you thanks for the gift of life and your incredible patience,
we give thanks for the people who challenge our thinking,
we give thanks that your judgement, though a reality,
waits until the right time, giving us the chance to find life in Christ.

Prayer of intercession

Caring God,
We pray for those who feel unworthy before God,
continually striving to please God, even though they are accepted in Christ,
fill them with your Spirit so that they may know your transforming love.

We pray for those who live in fear,
may they find your peace and comfort.

We pray for those who long to see the fulness of your reign,
may they see glimpses that give them hope for all that is to come.