Genesis Reflection (7th Sunday after Pentecost)


Genesis 28:10-19a

Genesis 28:15

Jacob has cheated his brother out of his birth right. He’s been cunning and sly, leaving us wondering about his motives. This is the one that God said would lead a people right? Up until this point, Jacob hasn’t demonstrated much concern about God, not like his grandfather Abraham who prayed regularly and often seemed to seek God’s guidance. Jacob seems more preoccupied with his own ideas and getting his inheritance. But here we find him on the run from his family, avoiding his elder brother who he cheated out of his birth right. An outcast, isolated, alone. Was it all worth it? What is he thinking now? What has his life become?

Then, as though it’s all been planned, God meets Jacob in his wandering. Jacob doesn’t seek God, God bursts in ready to transform Jacob. Jacob hasn’t done anything to earn the blessing that God bestows. His actions aren’t the cause of God’s declaration that ‘all the families of the earth shall be blessed in you and in your offspring’ (Genesis 28:14). God has chosen, God has called and God will provide. It is now up to Jacob to leave behind his sly, cunning ways and respond to God’s grace—something he will strive for but not always achieve.

Have there been times when you’ve been lost and God has burst in to remind you just how much you’re loved?

Loving God, we thank you that your grace does not depend on our actions and that you meet us where we are to transform us and call us on.

Find a place to sit where you wouldn’t normally expect to meet God. Spend some time there listening for God’s voice.