Gospel Reflection (3rd Sunday of Easter)


(Luke 24:13-35)

Often in life, our eyes are open, but we cannot see. We focus on the distress of the moment, the darkness, the way we think things have gone wrong. We look for answers, we question, we listen to what others say, but we still do not see. The two that journeyed to Emmaus were walking with Jesus, yet they still focussed on his death. He showed them what the scriptures meant, but they still thought there was no hope. It was only when they sat with Jesus and spent time with him, that their eyes were opened and they understood that suffering and death were not the end. New life was made possible through Jesus’ resurrection. It’s often the same for us. Just now, during this challenging time, many of us are looking around, wondering what’s going on, despairing at the suffering. The only thing we can do, after walking with Jesus and reading scripture with the help of the Holy Spirit, is sit down, invite Jesus to join us, and trust he’ll open our eyes for us to see. Then we’ll glimpse more clearly the hope that Jesus offers to the world through his life, death and resurrection.