Gospel Reflection (8th Sunday after Pentecost)


Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52

Matthew 13:31-32

I’m into ideas, vision, dreaming big. I like to think about all the possible opportunities and analyse an idea from every angle. Then I like to plan every step, taking into account all the possibilities—continually adding to the plan, preparing for what might happen next or how we might build on it in different ways. That’s all great until I get to the point where the idea has got so big I can’t even face tackling it and give up or put it to one side. One thing I’ve discovered is the joy of just starting something simple and letting it grow and develop.

As many of us reflect on where the Church might need to go and how we find new ways of being church in a world beyond COVID-19, we may fall into the trap of over-planning or thinking too big. It is far better to start with simple small steps, without any intention of permanence, and then allow God to grow the seed, as people share in the work of the Spirit. Some seeds might only spring up for a while and lead to something different from a new seed, but when a seed does take root, it will grow and grow and in it we will find a great glimpse of the reign of heaven hear on earth.

What small simple seed could you sow in response to God’s call to the people of the reign of God?

God of the harvest, guide us in sowing seeds of your reign so we may see them grow into the greatest of shrubs, reflecting your reign here on earth.

Note down some of the ideas from your pondering and praying, then talk to people in your church community about what seeds you might sow together.