Romans Reflection (6th Sunday after Pentecost)


Romans 8:1-11

Romans 8:1

What is your mindset? Is about wealth, comfortable living, fancy dinner parties and getting out of it what you can? Or is it about justice, equality and giving life to others? One mindset is living with the world’s values at heart, or as Paul calls it: living by the flesh. The other is about the reign of God, putting into place the values of God’s reign, or as Paul calls it: living by the Spirit.

The mistake we can make is to think Paul is condemning our flesh or our bodies, but affirming our spiritual natures. This misunderstands what Paul means. It’s about what’s at the heart of our living: are we living in accordance with God’s calling; are we living as Jesus taught and demonstrated through his life? If we are in Christ Jesus, following his example, living by the Spirit, we are not condemned. That doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes or get it wrong, but it does mean the sin that pervades the world  and which we are part of doesn’t condemn us. We have committed ourselves in response to God’s grace to live our lives in a way that gives life to others and models the reign of God in our world.

What is your mindset? Are you focussed on your own life and what you can make of it or are you focussed on giving life to others by living in God’s reign?

Life-giving God, help me to focus on the values of your reign and grant me the wisdom to live by your Spirit. Come Holy Spirit, renew me.

Do something which gives life to others: perhaps donate or give something to someone who is in need.