About the Hymns and Songs Resource


This resource is provided to help those leading worship find suitable music arrangements to accompany hymns and songs. Most of the resource is based on the Methodist hymn book, Singing the Faith. Therefore, hymns and songs have been selected by their nearness to the texts and music found in Singing the Faith. This includes the numbers of verses, the lyrics for the hymn and the tunes. Where a link has been included that varies to the Singing the Faith version, this is noted underneath the particular resource link.

Most of the resources are from YouTube, where numerous artists offer their work free of charge. None of the materials are hosted on Holyvity but are provided as links. Embedded YouTube clips are included in accordance with permitted use by YouTube. Please make sure you credit the artists when using their work. To find out more information about the artist, please click the artist’s user image on the video to go to their YouTube channel.

Other links are provided, particularly where there are no suitable YouTube videos, or where there is variance from the available YouTube videos to the version found in Singing the Faith. Please make sure you check out the linked website usage terms. Most are links that offer their work free of charge.

If you find any errors in the information, any broken links, or find other material that you feel should be included, please get in touch using the contact form.