Tag6th Sunday of Easter (Year A)

Daily Reflections (6th Sunday of Easter)


Day 1 (Acts 17:23) Not too long ago, I wandered into a Christian bookshop in Glasgow to survey the second-hand books, and I spotted a title by a familiar name: Preaching in a Cultural Context by Martyn Atkins. A great read! In it he writes, ‘”So preaching that is ‘living-room’ rather than ‘classroom’, inviting dialogue rather than delivering dogma, conversing with ‘each other’ rather than...

Gospel Reflection (6th Sunday of Easter)


(John 14:15-21) Under normal circumstances, a vulnerable relative eats dinner with us each week, so during enforced isolation we’ve been cooking an extra portion to take to him. A couple of times he’s told us he hasn’t got room in the freezer. Last time, chatting with him and a neighbour who looks out for him, we discovered he’s been getting a fair few people deliver him meals. We’re in...

Prayer (6th Sunday of Easter)


Eternal Source,
Generous Redeemer,
Guiding Advocate,
God of all we have been, all we are and all we will be,
accept our offerings of praise and adoration,