Tag7th Sunday after Pentecost (Year A)

Romans Reflection (7th Sunday after Pentecost)


Read: Romans 8:12-25 Meditate: Romans 8:24-25 Reflect: Imagine receiving an invoice to cover all that God has done for us. It’s a debt we’d never be able to pay. But this isn’t how God works. God doesn’t offer us a transaction: God adopts us into the family so that we become children of God, entitled to all that belongs to God’s household, heirs of the reign of God. Something within us longs to...

Genesis Reflection (7th Sunday after Pentecost)


Read: Genesis 28:10-19a Meditate: Genesis 28:15 Reflect: Jacob has cheated his brother out of his birth right. He’s been cunning and sly, leaving us wondering about his motives. This is the one that God said would lead a people right? Up until this point, Jacob hasn’t demonstrated much concern about God, not like his grandfather Abraham who prayed regularly and often seemed to seek God’s...

Gospel Reflection (7th Sunday after Pentecost)


Read: Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 Meditate: Matthew 13:36 Reflect: ‘You’re not a Christian!’ is an easy accusation to throw around. If someone believes in a different way to us or draws different conclusions about aspects of faith, it’s easy to want to condemn them as not Christian. But we’re warned against this. That doesn’t mean that anything goes—we still have to dialogue with each other about...

Prayers (7th Sunday after Pentecost)


Patient God,
You are slow to anger and quick to bless,
you wait patiently for us to respond to your love,
even through times where we get it wrong and make mistakes...