Tag7th Sunday of Easter (Year A)

Daily Reflections (7th Sunday of Easter)


Day 1 (Acts 1:6) We all have expectations. Our past experiences, knowledge, conversations shape what we expect. I remember when a favourite restaurant of mine stopped doing the dish I absolutely loved. Or the times I’ve been for chips outside the Black Country and they haven’t done orange chips. We all have expectations. So did the first disciples of Jesus. They expected a messiah who would...

Gospel Reflection (7th Sunday of Easter)


(John 17:1-11) Prior to lockdown-life, Thursday night was curry night. My parents and I would jump in the car and head off to our favourite Indian restaurant. Up until recently a fairly new young waiter worked there. He’d been trying his best, but he kept having some unfortunate incidents: one included two glasses of wine being thrown over us. We never minded and always made light of it. He...

Prayer (7th Sunday of Easter)


O God, who burns within our hearts,
we celebrate your presence within.
We think of all the people, throughout the ages,
who have had their hearts ‘strangely warmed’
and celebrate the promise of salvation found in Christ...