Tag8th Sunday after Pentecost (Year A)

Genesis Reflection (8th Sunday after Pentecost)


Read: Genesis 29:15-28 Meditate: Genesis 29:20 Reflect: I remember when I was a young lad being asked by my nan if I’m courting yet. I’d blush and tell her I’m far too busy for that. I mean at that age I really didn’t want that conversation with grown-ups. Of course, I did court—even though I didn’t use that term. I was interested and exploring dating, trying to find ‘the one’ that everyone else...

Romans Reflection (8th Sunday after Pentecost)


Read: Romans 8:26-39 Meditate: Romans 8:38-39 Reflect: I remember as a child—and probably into the early years of my Christian discipleship—treating prayer like a shopping list: God, I’d like this and that, with this on top, oh and while you’re at it, can we have peace on earth too? Then, there’d be times I’d pray for much more serious issues, like loved ones who were seriously ill. Recently, I...

Gospel Reflection (8th Sunday after Pentecost)


Read: Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52 Meditate: Matthew 13:31-32 Reflect: I’m into ideas, vision, dreaming big. I like to think about all the possible opportunities and analyse an idea from every angle. Then I like to plan every step, taking into account all the possibilities—continually adding to the plan, preparing for what might happen next or how we might build on it in different ways. That’s all...

Prayers (8th Sunday after Pentecost)


Creator God,
You are the eternal source of all that is, all that was and all that will be.
You make the smallest of seeds become the greatest of trees.
You have made a world full of potential to thrive,
vast rainforests, oceans, woodlands, fields...