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Daily Reflections (Day of Pentecost)


Day 1 (Acts 2:13) The disciples were gathered, filled with the Holy Spirit, and touched by flames of the one God. They were heard by others as though they were speaking in native tongues. Yet, even with the power of the Holy Spirit, there were some who thought they were mad, drunk, making it all up. God will never force faith upon anyone. We have freewill to respond to the nudging of the Spirit...

Acts Reflection (Day of Pentecost)


(Acts 2:1-21) And we’ve arrived. We’ve hit the end of the events in the liturgical year. Now breathe. Is that how you see Pentecost? The end of the story? But Pentecost is just the beginning. Jesus’ ministry, death and resurrection was a pregnant pause that looked forward to the new birth for humanity: the new covenant. Pentecost is just the beginning! In Ancient Israel, Pentecost was known as...

Daily Reflections (4th Sunday of Easter)


Day 1 (John 10:3) In my younger days, a voice would shriek upstairs to wake me up and get me out of bed. Why! I wanted to stay in the safety and comfort of my bedroom. If I’m honest, I still have days like that. Days where I just want to hide away and let the world pass me by while I take some time out. So why does Jesus, the Shepherd, call his sheep from safety inside the gate to follow him out...