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Daily Reflections (2nd Sunday of Easter)


Day 1 (John 20:19) The early disciples had locked themselves in a room. Their leader was gone. Or was he? Some of the women were telling them he was alive. The authorities were trying to stamp out the Jesus movement. They were confused, afraid. Jesus arrives and his first words to them are, “Peace be with you.” It wasn’t, “I’m alive, let’s get to work,” or, “Let me explain what’s happened and...

Gospel Reflection (2nd Sunday of Easter)


(John 20:19-31) Doubting Thomas? Or sensible Thomas? Poor bloke. He’s been given years of stick for doubting that Jesus had been brought back to life. We single him out as the disciple that didn’t believe. And yet, all the other disciples had seen the risen Jesus: Mary at the tomb, the others in a locked room. It was easier for them to believe. Thomas had been told that Jesus was risen from the...