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Daily Reflections (Trinity Sunday)


Day 1 (Genesis 1:31) As a compassionate people, we see the evils of the world: the forces at work that destroy and harm. In the past, this has led people to believe that the physical world was inherently bad and the spiritual world was good. But God is clear here, creation is good, it’s purpose was for good. There might be darkness and brokenness; it might be in a state where goodness is...

Gospel Reflection (Trinity Sunday)


(Matthew 28:16-20) ‘But some doubted’. Seriously? After all Jesus had said and done? His miracles, his teaching, his death, his resurrection! I’d like to think if I was there and had seen with my own eyes, I’d have believed. But, of course, faith doesn’t mean we have it all worked out and all our questions answered. Something about our makeup, our design, wants to know more, to understand...