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Daily Reflections (4th Sunday after Pentecost)


Day 1 (Genesis 22:7-8) Abraham, at this point in the story, knows exactly where he is heading. He’s been asked to kill his only son—the son he has waited years for. Isaac is curious: they’re going to give to God a burnt offering, but he sees no lamb. Abraham responds. He doesn’t reveal what God asked, but tells him that God will provide the lamb. Is he lying? Or does he actually believe...

Daily Reflections (3rd Sunday after Pentecost)


Day 1 (Genesis 21:17-18) Firstly, let’s pause to acknowledge that Abraham—the founder of the Abrahamic faiths, central to Christianity through our heritage from Judaism—had a concubine. Further still, Hagar, Abraham’s concubine is asked to leave with her child because Sarah doesn’t want her around. She’s not needed now Sarah has borne her own child. Hagar becomes an outcast. Yet, what does God do...